Our new website has recently been launched www.andrewtownleyelectrical.co.uk. Take a look around our fantastic new website, and feel free to get in touch to let me know your thoughts. Through blogging I’m hoping to capture a wider audience, to keep people up to date with the things I am doing, to meet some new people and potential new customers, to get some (hopefully!) positive comments and feedback, and to show off my skill set.

In doing this blog I am stepping out of my comfort zone, and I may even inspire others to start one of their own (if it goes well!). Our blog is to run alongside our Facebook page but I feel that Facebook and Twitter are a little impersonal. You can’t really get a full message across if you feel restricted by a character limit, and therefore you are unable to tell a well-rounded story.

I am a commercial and domestic electrician based in Lancaster, Lancashire, and this blog, amongst other things is going to have up-to-date date news on our local projects and any other interesting posts on a wide range of electrical topics, and the latest industry news. I aim to update this blog on a regular basis and I will be including photos to accompany my writing. I will also write about other relevant things that interest me, and will hopefully interest my readers. I am aiming to articulate the most meaningful events and the most important thoughts, rather than just blogging about just all things electrical, which could get quite tedious to those not in the trade! I also aim not to make too many ‘shocking’ electrician jokes… Ok… I’ll stop.

Until next time, Andrew